How do I purchase a gift card?

You may purchase a gift card on our website here. You will have the option to email the redemption code to the recipient at a time of your choosing. If you'd like a physical copy of the gift card, please purchase online, then email us to coordinate a pick up time or let us know where you'd like your gift card mailed. 

About Our Cooking Classes
Most of our cooking and baking classes cost ~$110 per person + tax/fees. We recommend around $120+ per person to cover all costs. We also occasionally offer happy hour or shorter format classes that run around $55 per person. 

How to Sign Up
Our classes are small - typically around 12-16 guests - and fill up very quickly after going on sale. It’s important that the gift card recipient signs up for our e-mail list in order to know about new classes. Those on our email list get notified when we're about to release tickets to new classes so they know which classes are going on sale & when.
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